Friday, September 5, 2008

Do you want to be happy?

Every time somebody makes the decision of leaving his or her native place and migrate to another one, he or she opens the imaginary book of the expectations. The future immigrant starts thinking of a world that is half reality and half fiction; far away from home; in which everything is possible and every dream is reachable. Whether you are migrating because of political, economic or other reasons, you really expect to find a better place to live wherever you are going. You come to idealize your future home country and assume that by having a better job and a better income you will solve all your problems; therefore, you take happiness for granted. In fact, you leave your country feeling that you will be happy in your new land. Unfortunately, after a long period of hard work you come to realize that you only switched your old simple problems for other more complicated ones, but the so wanted happiness is far from your reach. Then you realize that your spouse or job or house or car is not your best fit and that he, she or it is the cause for your lack of satisfaction, so you take care of it; but dissatisfaction rather than disappearing grows and becomes emptiness which you try to solve, so you start filling your emptiness with more money, more clothing, a better house, a better car, another spouse and …the wheel keeps turning again and again…
There is a story about a young couple that wanted to get married, so he told her:
-I want to marry you because I love you and I want to be happy and to make you happy.
She replied:
-No darling, I won’t marry you because I am not happy yet and if you are not happy by yourself there is no such a person or thing in this world that can make you happy.

“If you still want to be happy, pursue fulfillment rather than money, love or possessions. Be a happy immigrant. God bless you.”

The immigrant.


Anonymous said...

This is a great paragraph!!! I think this is what we need in this country, people that want to make the differende like this guy!

Becuase like it or not, this country was made out of immigrants that worked hard to make this country powerful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

well this a very good paragraph
finaly something nice

Anonymous said...

finaly something nice
nice speach gonzalo

Anonymous said...

It is a great article I have ever read.
As a new writter ,you should write more to please people and guide them think the right way.THe new comer should always take the new country as their own.

Anonymous said...

This article shows the reality behind the so called "American dream". Thanks for your reflection !